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Why start now with high school classes in career education?

You’re not ready for a life commitment. We get it. You’re at the point in life where you are just figuring out what you like – and what you don’t like. Take the survey below to take this career interest survey, this survey will identify 2 or 3 possible careers or pathways that you might like to learn more about. After the quiz is over, come back here to explore more about your pathways!

Career Interest Survey

More Resources

Career Pathways Catalog
This resource is intended to provide the community with broad information about California’s 15 Industry Sectors and more information about the 62 Career Pathways. 

Bakersfield College Program Pathway Mapper
Each Pathway allows you to explore a set of program maps that show a semester-by-semester path from program entry to completion. You will also find videos and program learning outcomes that will deepen your understanding of each program and Pathway, helping you build confidence in your program choice.

CSU Bakersfield Academic Roadmaps
This page is the central place for faculty, staff, and students to access degree roadmaps for nearly every undergraduate major. Each roadmap provides a year-by-year outline of the courses and milestones required by each major. You can use these roadmaps to help them graduate on time.

California Career Zone
California Career Zone – is an interactive platform that will help you assess your career interests, investigate potential jobs and how to prepare yourself for that job (apprenticeship, certificate, 2-year degree, 4-year degree or more).

The California College Guidance Initiative
This page provides students with in-depth, grade-appropriate information and data-driven tools to support college, career, and financial aid planning and applications.

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