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Career education is a great way to keep middle and high school students interested in school. By exploring what jobs are out there, they can begin to imagine their future and see how what they are learning in school applies to real life. For example, those “boring” math concepts that didn’t seem so important start to make sense when they see how they are used every day to solve problems in the workplace.

Middle school is the ideal time for your child to start exploring careers so by high school, they have a sense of what interests them and can study related courses and take part in work experiences that give them an up-close look at their field of interest, not to mention allowing them to build on the soft skills that employers are looking for, such as critical-thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and more.

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You’re not ready for a life commitment.

We get it.

You’re just at the point in life where you are figuring out what makes you – you. We don’t think it’s the right time to pick a career for life, but we do think it’s a good time to start exploring the types of jobs and careers that excite you.

Kern County high schools offer all kinds of options – there are 15 different career pathways – including in the areas of arts and media; health science; engineering and architecture; information and communication technologies and public service.

Take some time to explore this site. Use what you learn to start sketching out your future and setting realistic goals. Take the next step in finding you!

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